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SS rear hub

Single Speed Rear Hub


We built this rear hub originally to pair our Sahra adventure bike equipped with Pinion gearbox.. Because there are very few single speed hubs with thru axle structure. 

Due to symmetrical left and right hub flange, the left and right spoke length keep the same, thus the rear wheel spoke is not easy to break even in very extreme environments.

Inside the hub freewheel, thanks to the DT Swiss ratchet structure, it brings better reliability and easy-maintenance. 

Besides the internal gear system, this hub can be applied to single speed bikes also. 


  • Aluminum CNC & black anodized hub shell

  • 142-12 Through Axle

  • 32 hole

  • Shimano style freewheel

  • Shimano center lock disc brake

  • 36 engagement

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