Riding a bicycle may be one of the best methods to explore the earth. It is human nature which drives us explore unknown. Walking is too slow, driving is too fast, cycling is just at the right rhythm. All Blacksnow team members have full spirit of cycling, and spirit of building premium quality bicycle and parts.

Climate & view are excellent for cycling in China and some Asian places. However, due to unfair trade and some other reasons, some bicycle components are very expensive in Asia, although most of them are made in mainland China or Taiwan. After investigation, we found there’s no mystery to build premium quality bicycles and parts, while still within affordable price. Then we built bikes for our own from 2014 and later for those people love cycling too. We hope more people will enjoy riding and afford less gear investment.

We are happy that you guys follow the crafts we made, and any new project in the future. If we can have a ride together on this planet, it will be amazing too.